Reducing Electric Bills

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It’s that time of year again when the power bill goes up and we are doing everything that we can to minimize and save energy! Reducing electric bills is inevitably on everyone’s mind when they open the electric bill and cringe at how much it increases every month… especially in the winter!

Are you wondering how in the world you can possibly do anything more than you are doing right now to decrease your electric bill? You are already turning the lights off at every possible moment, you are bundling up in cold weather… even though all you want to do is turn the heat up just one.. more.. notch. You read that unplugging appliances and your cell phone charger when they are not in use will help to reduce energy so you are even doing that too. Besides running out and buying all of the latest energy star appliances what else can you be doing to reduce that pesky bill that comes in the mail every month and seems to always increase no matter what you do?!
Have you ever considered solar power? I know what you are thinking… that is WAY too expensive and not even in the cards for you, right? Wrong! Did you know that you can create your own solar and wind power yourself even if you don’t consider yourself to be the slightest bit ‘handy.’ With the right kit with guided instructions you can easily put together your own solar system that will save you thousands of dollars each year and won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do it.

You would think that putting together your own source of energy would be complicated and you could never do it in a million years but lucky for you it isn’t as complicated as it seems. Solar energy can be quite expensive if you consider hiring a professional, but if you can get guided instructions and do it yourself and save money then why not?!

There are many reasons why solar is great!

  1. It is great for the environment. By using the earth’s natural resources and not having to rely on the power company you are doing your part to make this world a better place and creating a healthy environment.
  2. It is easy on the pocketbook. You can save money on your electric bill, not to mention increase the value of your home. Once solar panels are installed, they require little to no upkeep and will last for 20 plus years providing you with constant energy.
  3. You are in charge. You are not dependent on the power company to keep your lights on. When there are power outages and your neighbors are without power for hours and maybe even days, you and your family won’t be left in the dark.
    There are many more reasons why solar is great but with winter approaching, reducing electric bills seems to be on everyone’s mind making it the number one reason why you should consider solar and soon!
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