Homemade Soap Gift Ideas

1. Homemade Soap Set of 6

The perfect handmade gift! This is our best seller 6-pack set in our custom and fully recyclable cardboard box. The soap is made exclusively with certified vegan and cruelty free ingredients and packaged in fully biodegradable paperboard boxes. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and unrefined avocado oil lend a rich bubbly lather that will leave your skin super soft and moisturized. This set includes a bar of each of the following best selling soaps:
Avocado Grapefruit – This soap is loaded in avocado and extra virgin olive oil making it an ultra nourishing bar of soap, while the aroma is an invigorating sweet citrus smell that you will love!
Coconut – Clearly an industry favorite aroma! Every time you smell this bar of soap your mind will travel to a tropical beach destination!
Lemongrass – Lemongrass soap has a super fresh and clean aroma that is achieved with the purest of lemon and lemongrass essential oils.
Lavender – Scented with premium grade lavender essential oil, this bar will calm your mind and soothe your skin!
Eucamint – Eucamint soap is formulated with a heavy dose of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils which will make your bathroom smell like a 5-star spa!
Seaweed Sea Salt – Pure and unrefined sea salt and Canadian seaweed from the shores of British Columbia make this bar very mineral rich! Scented with lavender, lemon and bergamot essential oils.

2. Heyland and  Whittle Small Gift Box with 10 Guest Size Natural Soaps

An Amazing way to experience the full Heyland & Whittle range of natural handmade soaps. Work your way through the each of the soaps unique properties or let the natural essential oils scent your bathroom.

3. Organic Natural Vegan Traditional Handmade Antique Bittim Soap

Variety Traditional Packet – 2 bars in a sack perfect for your home or a gift for any occasion. 100% free paraben, sls, sles, als, silicones, sulphate, peg, palm oil. 100% Natural no chemicals! Vegan, Organic, Cruelty Free, Environmental Friendly. All handmade, produced in small batches using traditional methods. Effective in the treatment of rash for adults and children.

4. Natural Vegan Bath Bar Soap

Using natural ingredients, this gentle vegan soap will soften and moisturize your skin without ridding it of its natural oils. It can be used as a hand soap as well as bath soap bars. These six all natural soap bars come packaged in a beautiful soap box, allowing you to present a friend, family member or loved one with a stupendous bath gift set. Natural beauty products are always perfect choice! Formulated with a variety of fragrances, you can effectively treat your skin, smell great and feel thoroughly relaxed too with our natural bar soap. The essential oils in these hand & body soaps moisturize the body, leaving you with beautiful skin and a fresh alluring scent all day! Variety of scents included in a box makes it perfect as a women and mens soap.

5. Naturals 6 Piece Moisturizing Body Wash Bar Soap Collection


The O Naturals 100% Vegan Natural Soap Collection is a 6-piece collection of natural and organic bar soaps. These French triple milled soap bars are lightly scented with a perfect blend of essential oils for your skin and body.They are vegan and infused with organic oils. This natural soap bar collection combines earth’s premier organic oils and herbs that will keep your skin young and vibrant. Each one nourishes, revitalizes, and restores the glow to your skin.These vegan soap bars are made with organic ingredients, all natural, Cruelty-free, Sulfate-free, and Paraben-free.


6. Bomb Cosmetics Fruit Punch Soap Slice Bundle

Each soap is individually wrapped and each one is different with their own colourful design and name. Bomb Cosmetics products have no artificial binders like PVP – soaps, Bath Blasters and bath melts all set naturally over a period of time rather than being stamped out on a machine.

7. Naturals Bali Lavender Rose Jasmine Frangipani Natural Soap Bar Gift Set

Each soap bar is uniquely textured with organic botanicals. Each of these soaps has a bubbly lather and rinses off clean without residue. Our base oil, coconut oil, provides a healthy lather that cleans and leaves your skin feeling moisturized. A cold process soap making method is used. This process produces a bar full of natural glycerin, which is a by-product of the soap making process. Unlike most soaps on the market today, we do not remove this glycerin from our soap because it is a humectant, which helps attract moisture to the skin and can be gentle enough for even the driest and most sensitive of skin. These delicately fragranced soaps are great for placing in your guest bathroom, inside a mason jar, or as gifts for every occasion. No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Sulphates. Suitable for all skin types.

8. All Naturals, Antibacterial Organic Soap Bars Botanical

Luxurious and creamy organic soap bars binds and eliminates skin dirt, viruses and germs while olive oil soothing & protecting delicate skin. A great hand-wash for anyone with super sensitive skin, dermatitis.The elegant, comforting aromatherapy of essentials oils making this bath soap moisture to awaken your senses, improve your mood. Scented soaps, lotion and oils can make wonderful gift sets for nature and organic skin care lovers.

9. Greek Luxury Bath Skincare Set

Luxury bath skin care set with four unique olive oil soaps.  Deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and increasing skin micro-circulation, while firming and toning. 

Here are the main benefits of using olive oil soap.

1. Perfect skin moisturiser

Olive oil soap gives a very clean and buttery feel despite minimal lather. It provides a very moisturizing effect that lasts for a longer time, making it perfect for people with very dry and sensitive skin.

2. Gentle makeup remover

Olive oil soap removes make up gently and efficiently without irritating the skin, especially removing makeup around the eyes. However, just like any soap without pH neutralizing chemicals, please avoid soap from getting into your eyes as it will sting a little.

3. Antioxidant properties

Olive oil soap contains very powerful antioxidant properties. It can repair damage caused by free radicals on the skin.  It stimulates new cell generation, slows down wrinkle development and gives skin a youthful look.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

Olive oil soap provides anti-inflammatory effects to help heal skin abrasions, rashes and even sunburns.

10. Rustique Handmade Soap Set

Handmade soaps, natural soaps, organic soap set, soap sets for her, craftiela, handmade gifts A rustic style collection of natural handmade soaps with classic fragrances packed in a vintage style box and wrapped in British paper.

11. Clovelly Soap Co Handmade Patchouli Natural Soap Bar for all Skin Types

The Clovelly Soap Co. products are handmade in our workshop in Clovelly, Devon, using traditional methods and natural ingredients. Company uses all natural, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, spices, herbs, clays and flowers, blended by hand to create rich fragrances.The Clovelly Soap Co. Patchouli Soap is a 60’s inspired blend of popular patchouli fragrance with paprika extract to enhance the colour. Therapeutic grade essential oils. Patchouli is known to increase feelings of well-being, stimulating those happy hormones to relieve anxiety and stress. The earthy or woody musk tone of Patchouli with its accompanying sharper floral scent makes this a versatile fragrance with a wide range of beneficial effects both from inhalation and application to the skin.

12. Vintage Soaps

Un Air d’Antan moisturising soap is made in France, according to the traditional French method by our master soap maker. Its formula has been enriched with organic oils: shea butter, sweet almond oil and argan oil. This multipack contains 5x100g Soaps. Does not dry out the skin, easy to rinse. For body, face and hands.Pretty gift ideas: to treat yourself or someone else. Friendly ideas for small gifts, gifts for her, mum gift, hamper basket, ladies gifts, mum gifts, friendship gifts, xmas gifts for women, christmas eve box fillers, women gifts, gift sets, womens gifts, christmas hamper, sister gifts, presents for women, stocking filler.