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15 Eco-friendly Party Products

eco garden partyThe collection of eco-friendly party products is our offer for those who try to live in harmony with nature and for whom ecology is important. Thanks to ecological decorations, cutlery, plates, gift wrappings, and other gadgets, it is possible to organize a great party, after which there will not be a mountain of plastic trash left. An ecological birthday or wedding can be a great opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle and ecological values among family and friends. When organizing a Zero Waste party you don’t give up on interesting style, impressive table settings, and great decorations, while generating as little waste as possible.

No waste event from start to finish

Take care of your conscience and your comfort – rely on tested and comfortable elements, yet beneficial for the environment. Eco plates, brandishes, paper straws, and jute decorations have thousands of uses – they’ll do no worse than Chinese grandmother’s porcelain or plastic dishes from the supermarket. Have fun responsibly – until dawn (even two days later), while taking care of our party products


1. Eco Friendly Birthday Party Bags

Eco Friendly Birthday Party Bags Perfect party bags that don’t cost the earth!

2. Biodegradable Cutlery Set

Disposable and Biodegradable, perfect for being ECO friendly. Great for Parties (Birthdays, Weddings etc), Picnics, events (both Indoor and Outdoor), even for arts and crafts.

3. Compostable Biodegradable Wood Boats

It takes less than 180 days for this compostable plates to decompose. This makes them so advantageous over plastic items which take up to 1000 years (or 365 000 days) to decompose in landfills.

4. Palm Leaf Tableware

This Bio single-use dispensers are made from renewable raw materials, free from plastic, without chemical additives, 100% biologically and completely compostable.

5. Compostable Bio Disposable Cup

These disposable drinking cups are suitable for both cold and hot drinks from -25°C to 100°C.

6. Biodegradable Paper Napkins

The napkins are completely compostable according to DIN EN 13432 and can thus be safely be disposed of via biowaste.

7. Bamboo Straw

Created by nature, each bamboo straw is 100% organic and can be washed and reused many times over. They are completely odourless & tasteless plus they will never ever end up polluting our seas or the environment.

8. Jute Bunting Flags

Made of high-quality hessian and jute, a gorgeous single fabric pennant buntings with an impressive overlock edge. It will not fading and can be reused for many events .

9. Rice Paper Lanterns

Multicolor paper lanterns are ideal for events such as weddings, baby shower, birthday, bbq, celebrations, room décor, bridal shower, Easter, Christmas, Chinese new years, and general ambiance, decoration, celebration, and other theme parties. 


10. Biodegradeable Balloons

Beautiful balloons of diverse colors to make your party the most memorable. Use them to decorate private parties or decorate other parties. Each order contains 100 balloons of different colors

11. Hand Crafted and Hand Stitched Table Runner

A table runner is a great way to add  glamour to your party table.

12. LED Ball Fairy Lights

BlueFire decorative lights suitable for indoor & outdoor decorations and widely used for garden, fence, party, wedding. 

13. Natural Candles Paraffin-Free Tea Lights

Thise tea lights are made from 100% palm wax and pure cotton wicks, a combination that burns clean and bright. Lighting up a room with tea lights creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

14. Glass Water Jar

You can enjoy the cute clean glass jug for water everyday! This jug features a moulded spout that is sure to pour perfectly every time.

15. Biodegradable Caddy bags

After party put all your rubbish in to these bags. They are certified biodegradable and compostable according to the European standard for compostable packaging. garden party

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